As many of us who have been a part of a maintenance organization realize, the function of the Maintenance Planner is a position we expect to get a big return for our investment.

We expect the Plans they create to reflect the most efficient and safest way of performing a maintenance task. However, at the same time from a reliability perspective ensuring that we do not introduce infant mortality by doing the task wrong.

But do all planners look at a task the same way? A number of factors may change the way the plan is written. For example, the experience of the Maintenance Planner has with the particular task.

The reality of maintenance is that a lot of jobs we do are repeated multiple times over the years and some facilities “replan” the event every time. This leads to a lot of mistakes and wasted time in execution.

Join us for a discussion of how to move your maintenance planning effort forward.

  • Understand why there is a need for standardized job plans
  • Learn which elements need to be included in job plans
  • See some examples of job plans templates and job plans

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Webinar Speaker:

Jerry-SMRP (1)

Jerry Simpson
CMRP, RCM2 / RCM3 Practitioner
Senior Consultant

Jerry Simpson is a Senior Consultant with People and Processes, Inc., a member of the Aladon Network of RCM2/ RCM3 practitioners.

He has spent most of his career in the steel industry with ArcelorMittal and was involved in numerous Improvement initiatives within that group including managing the Planning and Scheduling improvement processes in support of their reliability initiatives.

Since joining People and Processes, Jerry became an Aladon Trained Practitioner and has conducted numerous training courses as well as taught and coached Facilitators in the RCM2/ RCM3 methodology while striving towards improvement of their Maintenance and Reliability Processes.

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