How much to Schedule for Next Week?


In a perfect world, common sense says to schedule 100%, not 65% or 120%; of the available craft labor hours for next week’s schedule.

However, if a relatively young planning organization with a mainly reactive culture, scheduling 100% tends to frustrate people.  Not mention, that the same work languishes on the schedule from one week to the next because of the reactive jobs that break the schedule. 

Make no mistake, the goal is 100% of the available labor.  If your level of unplanned work is 50%, the start by scheduling 65% as a stretch goal.  Use the metric “Schedule Compliance” to track performance against the schedule and track “Schedule Breakers”.  From a high level, evaluate the root cause of the schedule breakers to reduce or eliminate them from reoccurring.

The Schedule Compliance target is 85-90%.  Push to hit that target. When you do, instead of scheduling 65%, now schedule 75%.  Push for that 85-90% Schedule Compliance target again.  Repeat until you are scheduling 100% of the available labor.

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