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People and Processes, Inc. is pleased to introduce our Virtual Planner Scheduler Competency Development and Coaching Program.  Our experienced coaches work with your planner schedulers in a one-on-one virtual online format to advance their individual development and allow them to demonstrate a measured level of competency. 

As an organization, you gain improved performance in your work order execution process, removing the typical barriers that technicians encounter as part of their daily routines when planning and scheduling is not functioning well. When coupled with a blended learning format, the planner-schedulers have the optional opportunity to become certified through the Reliability and Maintainability Center at the University of Tennessee.

The Virtual Planner Scheduler Competency Development and Coaching program consists of an initial suite of activities with the option to add follow-on modules as required to achieve the desired outcome based on the individual needs.

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To learn more about how our virtual coaching solution can improve your planner scheduler focus and overcome the struggles, send us a note using the form above or contact Tammi Pickett directly at (843) 814-3795.

Typical Coaching Activities Include:
  • Virtual job shadowing (“day in the life” approach) to understand current cultural and other items both benefiting and preventing effective planning and scheduling within the organization
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Analytical estimating approaches
  • Corrective and preventive work instruction development
  • Creation of job plan libraries for repetitive use
  • Use of feedback forms and continuous improvement loops
  • Virtual attendance at and evaluation of weekly Scheduling meetings and activities
  • Metrics/key performance measures especially as related to the position performance
  • Exit briefing of findings and opportunities for management review and implementation

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